Bella Chillin

One of my morning hunts!

My peeps have a habit of hiding snacks for me and I love going hunting! This morning, my daddy caught it on film, enjoy!

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Bella on the Beach January 6 2016

Visiting the Beach, January 6, 2016

Yesterday my Peeps took me to the beach! I loved it! They made me wear this crazy contraption on my back, it kept slipping, but no big deal, and I […]

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Bella ready for a ride

Time to go biking on the beach!

My dad got the bike fixed and I am ready to go for a ride!! Now, I just need to convince him to take this contraption down to the beach […]

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Henry with dad

What!?!? Henry is 20?

OK, so my arch nemesis, Henry, turned 20 years old today. My peeps got up and sang, “Happy Birthday” to her and gave her treats… I decided not to bark […]

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View out the front door

Site reset and a relaxing weekend!

OK, I’ve deleted all my earlier posts, changed themes, and started over! We had a very relaxing weekend last week! My peeps pulled the RV trailer to our favorite little […]

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Bella smiling in slide

Visiting my Peeps Friends

Today we got to go see some of my peeps friends.

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